Trick to Hide Drives in Windows PC

Are you worried over your system Security? There are users who are highly concerned about the system security from outsiders or other users. How about hiding the drive which contains all the secret and confidential information, files or folders? In this tutorial we will be describing about how to hide drives and secure your system.Hide drives Windows PC how toThere are many users who have many users using the same Computer. There might be things that you need to hide in your system from the other users or your siblings or for some reasons you can’t make the data open to everyone. There is always a risk of manipulating your data’s knowingly or unknowingly so it is important to secure the system. Here is a trick about how you can hide the drive with all the confidential files and folders.

We are going to use the User Group policy. So, make sure to set a system restore point so that you can retrieve back to this state if anything goes wrong. Now, follow the steps described below to hide the drives in your Windows PC.

Steps to Hide Any Drive In  Windows PC

  • Press Win+ R to open RUN dialog box. Here type in gpedit.msc and hit Enter. This will open the group policy editor.
  • In the left pane, you navigate to select user configuration > administrative templates > windows components > windows explorer
  • In the right pane of Windows Explorer search for the key hide these specified drives in my computer
  • Next, double click on it to enable the option and hide the drive selected
  • To hide all the drives on the system select restrict all drives and select the disable button in its configuration box.
  • Finally, click on Apply and hit OK.

That’s it. Now open Windows Explorer and you can see the drives you opted to hide cannot be seen. So, the magic is done. Now onwards when you opt to keep some confidential data’s follow the steps described in the tutorial and hide the respective drive and secure your files and folders.

Hope the tutorial here helps you hide drives on Windows PC and secures your PC.


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