High Disk usage Upon Windows startup – How to fix it?

Folks out there might have faced the issues with high disk usage. Often there are complaints about high CPU usage upon Windows boot or startup. There can be several reasons behind the high CPU usage be it the start up programs or the some other reasons. In this tutorial we will be discussing about how to resolve the issue with high disk usage at startup.

High Disk usage Upon Windows startup

FIX – High Disk usage Upon Windows startup

High Disk Usage at startup, some consider it as normal. At start up there are several tasks or programs that are initiated or programs that are supposed to enable for proper Windows boot. This might be the reason causing the high disk usage. If you find the disk usage is too high then you can follow the fixes described ahead.

  • Firstly, open system configuration. To do so, type in msconfig in RUN dialog and hit enter. Under the startup tab, uncheck or disable all the non-Microsoft programs that might be hindering or the cause behind high startup. If the numbers of startup programs are more that startup takes a bit of time or often increases the high disk usage.
  • Next open the Windows event viewer and try to sort out what is causing the high disk usage. You can check the error logs and warnings to receive a hint about what has gone wrong.
  • Check the Action center or Windows troubleshooters. Often the Action center prompts about what is making the system to use much CPU resource or disk space.

check processes

  • If you chose to Format your PC, make sure to do a secure Erase before reinstalling the OS. This will reduce the side effects from the previous OS or errors.
  • Virus or Malware infection can also be the cause behind high disk usage on Windows PC. Run a full scan using a trusted updated AV.

Hope the fixes discussed here help you resolve your issues with high disk space usage on Windows PC.


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