Graphics/Video Card overheating in Windows PC – How to fix it?

Video card or Graphics card integrated in the motherboard boosts the display. Not only it contributes to the video, and gaming performances but also can be the culprit causing major issue on the system. Often users have come up with issues like Overheating of Graphics or video card. There is no one or two reasons leading this issue. In this tutorial we have discussed about some of the possible causes and solutions to fix the overheating issue with Graphics card on Windows PC.

fix graphics video card overheating windows

Fix Graphics/Video Card over heating in Windows PC

Those who are using the PC or laptop newly they might be confused over what is causing there system temperature rise so high. Windows users who are dealing with issues like overheating of PC or the graphics card can try fixes discussed ahead.

Many users out there play games with high graphics content. Playing games on PC definitely increase the stress on the elements leading to overheat.

It can also be caused due to overclocking of CPU or the processor. If you have overclocked your Processor for faster processing then this comes with side-effect like overheating of the system. Often users complain that BSOD or black screen appear on screen and this is well contributed by the overheating of elements. Try to operate PC at the recommended clocking speed.

If you are running your PC for a long time then close the programs and allow your PC to sit idle in order to lower the heat.

PC or laptops comes with Fan to prevent overheating of the core elements onboard. But if the Fan turns out to be a faulty one or is not working properly then also it can result to the overheating of CPU elements. The fans inbuilt in the system might not be working with full efficiency like it used to do earlier. This can be due to the dust accumulated over it. You can remove the dust off the board using a can of compressed air.

CPU usage can also be one of the causes behind overheating. Open the task manager and see which program is taking up maximum usage on CPU. If you are running unnecessary Apps or programs on the system then close it.

Often overheating of PC elements or hardware elements can slowdown or hang the system. Do not overdo the usage or don’t keep PC running unnecessary or when the PC is not in use, turn off the system.

There are softwares available to manage the speed of the fan in the PC. You can also take help of those Apps and manage the fan Speed according to your need.

In a new tutorial we will be discussing about how to prevent Overheating of Graphics/ Video Card using Softwares or third party utility program.

Do you have any other solutions to fix the overheating of graphics or Video cards? We shall post the solutions on the web. Write your suggestions in the comment section below. Feel free to share your views and suggestions with us.


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