Windows PC hangs on running Chkdsk command – How to fix it?

The system is running an unwanted program which cannot be stopped. When Chkdsk command was run on the system the system hangs or freezes or becomes unresponsive and has to be shut down abruptly using the shut down button. Here are some easy ways to fix this issue on Windows system.

Windows PC hangs on running Chkdsk command fix

System goes unresponsive or freezes upon running chkdsk. Here are some troubleshooting steps to fix this issue on Windows PC.

If you have recently installed any programs on the system, uninstall or undo it. At times some programs certainly are not compatible with the system OS causing different issues on the system.

Many unwanted programs get downloaded on the system or say are associated with the any other software or Apps and gets installed on the system without your concern causing great havoc on the system. So, if any such program is installed in your system make sure to uninstall it. They might be malicious threatening you system configuration and function.

  • Make sure to run chkdsk in Administrative command prompt. To do so, open Start menu > type in CMD in search box. When the cmd appears, right click on Command Prompt and hit Run as Admin
  • In the elevated command prompt type in CHKDSK /r
  • Upon asked for restart type Y. This would start checkdisk.
  • You can also try chkdsk/f command in the command prompt, this f parameter invokes three stages and will fix most problems.

If this doesn’t help, run system file checker. In the Administrative command prompt, type in sfc/ scannow and hit enter this will run the a scan and replace all the corrupted system files.

sfc scannow

Run a full system scan using updated AV or MSE. Malware infection can also cause the system to freeze and hang or prevent chkdsk command from running on the system.

Turning off the system using shut down button will crash the hard disk or lead to corrupted or dead HDD.

Before making any changes in the system make sure to create a restore point or set a backup in the system. So, that you can revert to the original state is anything goes wrong.

Upon following the troubleshooting steps described above you can hopefull fix issues with system freeze or goes unresponsive on running Chkdsk comand on Windows system.


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