Windows XP not Responding – How to Fix it?

Many users out there have been complaining regarding the explorer freeze or hangs on right clicking on it ultimately making the user to reboot the system to start working with the system. But this explorer hangs or freezes can be irritating if it occurs when you are working on an important piece of work. You may lose your work and start working on it as your system needs to be restarted. Here is the tutorial to get this issue fixed on Windows PC.

fix windows xp not workingWindows XP hangs or freeze issues can be caused either due to malware or Outdated Drivers or any other reason. Here are some possible ways to get this problem resolved on Windows XP.

Steps to Fix Issues with Windows XP not Responding

  • Upgrade to the latest version of OS available. At time updating to new version solves many issues on the system.
  • Open Run box using Windows + R and type cmd and Run as Administrator. Type in sfc/ scannow and press enter.

command prompt sfc scannow

  • This will run a scan in the system and fix any corrupt entries or data or missing files that are causing issues on the system.
  • Open System configuration using Windows + R and type in msconfig and hit enter. Next go to start up tab and Uncheck or disable all the Non-Microsoft programs. You can also try disabling process one by one to find the actual culprit.

startup programs

  • Uninstall any recent installed app as some Apps are not compatible with the system OS and making the system hang.
  • Disable Anti-virus installed on your system and install Microsoft Security essential. Malware can be the culprit to make your system go unresponsive. So, run a full system scan to remove malware from the system.

If you are facing Explorer crash or hangs on right clicking on Windows Explorer, you can follow the steps described above and fix the issues on your Windows XP.

Upon following the tutorial hopefully all your issues with Windows XP are resolved and you can your system without much hassle.


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