Windows Store Apps cannot be downloaded – How to fix it?

I have been discussing about the new variations brought out by Microsoft in Windows 8 that were not available in the earlier Windows OS. You all must have come across the Windows 8 start screen that replaces the start menu. There are many other features that are newly added to Windows 8 like the App store, lock screen and many more. The Windows 8 App store allows you to launch or install Apps in the system. But many users out there might have encountered issues while downloading, the downloaded file get stuck half way or when you try to install or update the Windows 8 application, you are not able to complete the installation process or nothing happens. Here is the tutorial how you can fix the issue.Fix windows 8 appsThere are various Apps available with Windows 8 store. When you are unable to install the APPs, try repairing Windows 8 Apps or try to reset the cache for Windows Store. When you reset the cache for Apps, it simply resets the Windows Store without changing account settings or deleting installed apps. Follow the steps below to download Windows 8 App store without any obstruction.

Steps to Reset Windows Store Cache with WSReset.exe

The process to reset Windows 8n App store is way lot easy and simple:

  • First go to Windows Modern UI screen
  • Next, type in WSReset.exe and click on Run as administrator

run as admin

  • You can now see that Windows Store open on the screen and see a conformation message prompting that the cache for the Store has been cleared.
  • Once the cache has been reset or cleared, you can now easily browse the Store for apps.

windows store

  • You are taken back to Windows Store and here you can try installing or updating the apps or download fresh apps.

Upon following the steps described here in this tutorial you can now download Windows store Apps without any issues.


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