Windows Compatibility Center to check Windows 8 compatibility

Are you are a Windows user and wishing to update to the new Windows 8 OS? But, you must be questioning yourself whether the software’s installed currently on your system will be compatible with the new OS. Many users out there must get confused over whether the system hardware or the favorite software platform will support the new OS. Now this issue can be fully resolved. Microsoft has an online platform where you can check your drivers or software’s compatibility on Windows 8 system. Follow the tutorial here to know more about it.

Compatibility Center

Now users can easily check out whether their favorite software and drivers will be compatible with the new OS and run smoothly. Various developers have developed a compatibility database, which allows users to check out the compatibility of the system hardware, drivers or say whether the system hardware will be supported with open source drivers and all for free.

For instance, Sun has developed a compatibility checking utility, which diagnoses the system and collect information and informs whether Solaris will properly run on it without facing any problems.

Windows 8 developer, Microsoft has also developed a compatibility database with a web based interface to check both software and hardware compatibility with the new Windows 8 operating system.

Now, you don’t have to worry about the driver compatibility with the new OS, as you can check whether your system whether it is 32 or 64 bit versions compatibility with the new OS from the Windows Compatibility Center. Click this link to get to the Windows Compatibility Center to check the software compatibility.

Microsoft Windows Compatibility Center

The Windows compatibility center provides information about almost all popular software components, and gadgets that an average user can come across. The developers of Microsoft have implemented a voting system which enables you to confirm or deny the information presented by the online compatible center.

Now, you don’t have to think more whether to upgrade or not, if you are worried about compatibility issues, then it can be easily solved with the compatible center and upgrade to new Windows 8 after confirming or checking the system compatibility. Microsoft Windows Compatibility Center will make transition to Windows 8 easier.


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