Windows 8 Taskbar Disappearing in Chrome Browser – How to fix it?

Are you a chrome user on Windows 8 PC? Often users come up with issues with Taskbar disappearing on launch of Chrome browser. Upon opening or launching the Google browser you find the Windows 8 taskbar disappearing. This might be really surprising for a novice. In this tutorial we will be discussing about how to bring the taskbar or show taskbar even you are browsing.Windows 8 Taskbar Disappearing in Chrome Browser

When you open Chrome to browse Internet you see the Windows taskbar at the bottom disappearing. When you minimize the chrome browser you see the taskbar. Taskbar has its own importance and disappearing browser as soon as you launch your browser can really irritate you. Here are some tips to show or bring back the disappeared taskbar on Windows 8.

Fix – Windows 8 Taskbar disappearing in Google Chrome / Chrome fails to Launch in Desktop Mode

Try opening different browser and check if you can see the taskbar. If you are using Mozilla Firefox browser and no taskbar then press F11 key on your keyboard. If the browsers other tan chrome shows the taskbar then you must consider the following tips.

Did you update your browser? After updating browser you came across this kind of situation then restore to the earlier version and see if you can see the desktop taskbar.

Or you can click on the Chrome settings button with three horizontal bars right to your address field. Here click on the option Relaunch Chrome in Desktop mode.

Alternatively you can try out this procedure to Relaunch Chrome in desktop Mode.

  • Pres Win + C to open the Charms Bar
  • Next, search for Default Programs using search charm
  • Now click on Set Default Programs and choose Internet Explorer from the drop down list.
  • After you have set Internet Explorer as your Default program
  • Go for Re-launching Google Chrome.

Disappearing of taskbar has been a common issue with Windows 8 users. Or say the chrome fails to launch in desktop mode after update. Hope the tips described above help you resolve issues with Taskbar disappearing after launching chrome Browser. If you have any other suggestion or queries share with us by writing in the comment section below.


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