Windows 8: Steps to Create Proximity Settings Shortcut

Windows 8 has been developed keeping in mind to make use in both smart phones and computers. It embeds technology called Proximity which enables you to connect between devices that are compatible with proximity like smart phones, laptops and tablet PC with a separation not more than few centimeters. The proximity works upon bringing the compatible device close to each other, i.e. by tapping. Upon tapping a communication is set between them and one of the system OS prompts about the establishment of new connection. Here is the tutorial about how you can create proximity settings shortcut in Windows 8.create proximity shortcut windows 8The technology we are talking about is also called Near Field Communication (NFC). Windows 8 is incorporated with the touch devices or technology, so apps that are supporting Proximity has to be enhanced. One needs to have proximity device in the computer like an NFC radio device and Wi-Fi Direct support in order to enjoy Proximity. Therefore it is quite necessary for app s to be tapped, or peer apps technology. It is specifically designed for developers, exchange of data, two way communication and multi-player experience.

Follow the tutorial below to create Proximity Settings Shortcut in Windows 8.

How to Create a Proximity Settings Shortcut in Windows 8

  • First go to Desktop and right click on an empty space, then select New > Shortcut to create a new shortcut

New Shortcut create

  • Next, type in the location %WinDir%\explorer.exe shell:::{8060B2E3-C9D7-4A5D-8C6B-CE8EBA111328} and hit Next button

Location Of Shortcut

  • Now, name it as Proximity Settings and click Finish.

Name ShortcutUpon following the steps described above you can now create Shortcut for proximity settings and use the technology whenever you need to communicate with other NFS enhanced device. You can use the technology to transfer files between two proximity enabled devices.

Here is the tutorial how you can create proximity settings shortcut in Windows 8 and connect to proximity enabled device whenever necessary


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