Windows 8 starts Hibernating after Sleep – How to fix this Issue?

Users have come up with issue like Windows going to hibernation after sleep. The system automatically enter hibernation mode to save power. But this is a problem when you need to work after the sleep but you are not as the system enters the hibernation mode. In this tutorial we will be discussing some fixes about how to get rid of this problem of Windows 8 getting into hibernation mode as soon as the system sleeps.

fix windows 8 Hibernating

In this tutorial we will be discussing some troubleshooting steps to fix issues with Windows 8 starting to hibernate when going to sleep mode.

As much of the settings in Windows 8 are difficult to search for a novice. Hope the troubleshoot steps described here help you fix this issue.

Fixes to Resolve -  Windows 8 starts Hibernating after Sleep

To start with firstly make sure that the power plan settings are set properly or say your Windows are not set to start hibernating once the system sleeps. To check open Power Options, and click on your power plan from control panel or open charms bar and click on settings charm followed by power options. In the power options window click on Change Advanced power setting. In the Advanced power setting window, navigate to option Hibernate after and select Never option from the dropdown menu.

Or you can opt to disable Fast startup. To do so, open power settings and click on the link Choose what the power buttons do in the left pane. In the new window that appears navigate to the option Fast Start up and uncheck it. After disabling the fast startup see if the system continues to go the sleep mode or fixes your issue.

Open Admin command prompt using Win + X and in the elevated command prompt type in the following commands dir c:\ /ah This command will verify whether you have any hiberfil.sys existing on your system.

Next, in the elevated command prompt type in powercfg /h off and hit enter this command will disable and delete the hiberfil.sys file on your Windows system. To verify that all your hiberfil.sys file are deleted you can run the command dir c:\ /ah.

So this was how you can disable hibernating files on Windows that are making windows to go hibernating out of nowhere. That’s all. Hope the troubleshooting steps discussed above help you fix the problem with Windows 8 hibernating after sleep mode is activated.


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