Windows 8 Shutting Down all of a Sudden – How to Fix it?

Windows 8 turning off all of a sudden out of nowhere. This is really an annoying situation when you are working on your PC and it just goes Off. There can be several reasons causing or forcing the Windows to shut down automatically. It might be hardware issues or driver issue or power settings issues. Here is the tutorial how you can fix issues with Automatic turning off of Windows 8.

Windows 8 Shut Down

You are working on something important and out of nowhere your system shutdown. When you again restart it you see no errors on Windows. To get rid of this problem, try out the fixes described below.

Firstly check your power plan settings. If you have set your Power options to turn off Pc after a certain time period then it will turn off your system.

Next check the Event manager or scheduled task. If you have any scheduled task assigned to turn off your system after a certain interval or time period then this will force Window to turn off without asking for your confirmation.

Check the CPU temp using software’s available online. If the CPU is overheated then it might be the cause turning of your system.

Corrupted system files can also be the culprit behind these. Open Admin command prompt using Win + X or power user menu and type in sfc/scannow and hit enter. This will run a scan in the system and fix the corrupted system files. Run the sfc scan thrice to resolve this issues.

sfc scannow

If you have recently made any modifications in the hardware unit then misplacing or not placing the hardware unit correctly can also give rise to this kind of situation. Open the hardware unit and try to reseat the unit recently changed.

If the HDD is failing then automatic shutdown can be indication. Run hard disk drive test to diagnose the health and performance of the HDD. If this turns out to be the culprit then it’s time for a replacement.

So, this were some troubleshooting steps to fix issues with Auto-shutdown or tuning off of Windows 8 automatically. Hope the fixes described here help you fix the problem with Sudden or force Shutdown of Windows 8.


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