Windows 8: Set up VPN Connection to Secure Data Transfer

Today we are able to send data from one part of the world to other sitting at home through Internet. VPN (Virtual Private Network) broadens a private network to carry out the resources in the network across public networks like that of Internet. It is responsible for sending and receiving data from a host computer across shared or public networks likely that of a private network through all the functionality, security and management policies of the network. It also makes your data transfer safer. Here is the tutorial how to set up VPN connection on your Windows 8 computer.

set vpn connection windows 8

VPN not only allows you to transfer data in more secured way, but also allows you to access websites which are not available in your country. If you are corporate officer, you can connect to company’s network using this VPN.

How to set up VPN connection in Windows 8

Setting up of VPN connection is same as that of earlier versions of Windows, but as the interface of Windows 8 have changed many users may find it little tricky. So, here is how you can set the VPN connection in Windows 8.

Steps to create VPN connection in 8

Follow the steps given below to set a new VPN connection on your Windows 8 computer.

  • In the metro start screen, type “VPN connection”
  • Next, from the sidebar that appears select settings and you can see the option, set up new VPN connection

VPN start screen search

  • In the create wizard, enter the VPN address and also the name for the connection

Enter VPN details

  • Now hit the Create button
  • This ends the create wizard. In order to connect to the newly created network, go to the system tray and click on the network icon and you will be able to see the new VPN available under connection.

VPN connections

  • Upon clicking on connect button, you will be promoted to enter the username and password. Click OK and the VPN will connect with the authentication provided.

network authentication

  • Once you are connected with the network, under networks you can see the status connected.

vpn connected

You can follow the same procedures you can create multiple connections on your Windows 8 system.

Upon following the tutorial here you can create a new VPN connection on your Windows 8 system and make your data transfer safe and secure over Internet.


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