Windows 8 PC HDD Running Out of Space – How to fix it?

Often users come out with issues like HDD space eaten up without any installation or lust get reduced out of nowhere. This can be really irritating if the hard disk space gets reduced day by day and end up with no empty space and all this due to unknown consumption of HDD space. There can be several reasons causing the loss of HDD space. In this tutorial we will be discussing about how to retrieve the memory space that are lost without your concern.

fix Windows 8 PC HDD Running-Out of Space

Losing memory frequently can end up with slow performing system and run out of space often. To retrieve back the HDD space here are some troubleshooting ways.

low disk space windows 8

Fixes to retrieve HDD space on Windows 8

  • Firstly, try removing all the unknown files on the desktop.
  • Delete all the temp files. Open Run and type in Temp and hit enter. This will open the temp folder, here delete all the files.
  • You can also use any third party software to clean all the old, obsolete junk files from the system. CCleaner is quite recommended to delete all the obsolete files from the system thereby making the system much faster than before. Obsolete files also eat up a lot of space on the HDD. After cleaning your system you can locate free spaces on the system
  • System restore point restores system to a state where the system worked fine. But too many restore point can take much spaces on your Windows 8 system. So, delete all old restore points on the system. This will free up much spaces on the hard drive.
  • Malwares can also be the culprit causing the loss of HDD space. Run a full system scan using updated Anti-virus or MSE or Windows Defender.
  • Run a memory test to diagnose the health and performance of the system HDD. If the RAM turns out to be a faulty one then you need to replace it.

Hope the steps described above help you fix issues with Windows 8 losing HDD space out of nowhere.


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