Windows 8 PC has No Display on Boot – How to Fix it?

One fine day when you boot into the system you find the Windows boot and after the logo appears your screen goes black. This kind of situation can really shock users especially the novice. You find the system completely useless as there is no display. In this tutorial we will be discussing some possible ways to fix this issue and get back your Display.

fix Windows 8 PC No Display on boot

Windows 8 boots properly but the there is no display. There can be several issues behind this problem. It may be the BSOD or a faulty video card or RAM, or some display settings. Here are some possible ways to fix this issue.

Fixes – Windows 8 PC has No Display on Boot

Reboot your system for 3-4 times if this helps bringing the display. If the Windows fails to boot properly then it would not start the system completely and give rise to this awkward situation.

Often users might accidentally enable the second screen which causes the change of screen or display to the second option and hence you are unable to see any display on the system. So, here is the how you can get back to the first screen or desktop rather than the secondary display.

Press Win + P. This will bring up the monitor select screen. As there is no display you might not see any screen but it’s there. Now, hit once the down arrow key and hit enter. That’s all. This will switch to the desktop mode or bring back your display on the PC.

Turn of the system try unplugging the monitor and plug it back. Turn On the system and wait till Windows boot completely Or Plug out Monitor USB with the system still running.

Try getting into the safe mode when you boot and see if you can see the screen. If you see the same black screen or say if there is no sign of display on the system after you boot then it might be the BSOD or Black Screen of Death which means the faulty Motherboard or other hardware unit. If this is the case then you might contact the manufacturer to get it replaced.

Hope the tutorial here helps you fix issues with No display on Booting Windows 8.


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