Windows 8 Num Lock Turned Off after start-up – How to Turn it On?

Many users come out with issues like Windows 8 unable to enable turn on Num lock on startup. You might have noticed that Windows turn on the Num Lock on keyboard on startup but often it fails to. If you are novice and looking for how to fix this issue on Windows 8, here is the tutorial how you can enable Num lock at startup.

enable numlock at startup

The num lock turned off or disabled at startup can be either due to the registry settings on Windows 8 or the BIOS or some other system error. Try out the fixes here to turn on the Num Lock key on keyboard as soon as the system boots.
Manually turning On the Num Lock every time you boot your Windows can really be irritating. So if you want to enable the Num Lock at the system startup then try the fixes described in this tutorial.

  • To Turn on your Num Lock at startup try the registry trick here.

 Press Win + R to open RUN dialog box

Type in Regedit and hit enter. This will open Windows registry

Next, navigate to HKEY USERS\.DEFAULT\ControlPanel\Keyboard

turn on num lock at windows 8 startup

In the right pane look for then entry InitialKeyboardIndicators and right click on it

Next edit the string value to 2 to enable Num Lock on Windows 8.

Save the settings and close the registry entry.

Restart our system to effect the change if needed.

This will probably turn On your Num lock on Windows 8. But if fails to startup num lock on restart or say the registry trick works permanently and returns back to the earlier settings then the problem is in the system BIOS.

  • If the system BIOS itself is set to Disable Num Lock at startup then you need to change the BIOS settings. Get to the system BIOS at startup and head towards to enable the Num Lock. If you have a UEFI BIOS then you might not be able to turn on Num Lock at startup.
  • Windows 8 introduced Fast Startup to startup Windows much faster than before or as compared to its predecessors. Try disabling the fast startup and see if the Windows 8 turns on Num Lock at boot.
  • Try running sfc/ scannow command. Corrupted system files can also disable the Num Lock. Open admin elevated command and type in sfc/ scannow and hit enter. This will fix the system corrupted errors or files and help in fixing issues with Num Lock turned off on startup.

Hope the fixes described above help you Turn On Num Lock on Windows 8 startup.


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