Windows 8 not shutting down – How to fix it?

Windows 8 not shutting down – How to fix it? Even after hitting the shut down button the system doesn’t shut down properly. The monitor goes off but the fans are still running and power led is flashing too. The Windows 8 shutdown takes long time after turning the system off, there can be several issues causing this problem. Here is the tutorial to fix the problem with Windows 8 shutdown.

Windows 8 not shutting down fixWindows 8 don’t shut down even after turning off the system. This can be really surprising to a novice. So, here is how you can fix the shutdown issues on Windows 8 by trying the following troubleshooting steps.

The hybrid shut down or fast start feature introduced in Windows 8 to start the Windows faster as compared to the earlier version. This feature might be responsible in causing the shutdown issues on Windows 8. Open power options and disable the fast start up and see if helps in fixing the issue. Or enable it if it is already disabled.

Make sure that no programs are running at the background when you turn off your system. At times apps, updates, installations, etc run background so before you shut down, open task manager and see all the services or the programs are ended. Programs running background can delay the shutdown process.

Check the power plans. To go to power plans, right click on the power icon on taskbar and go to settings. In the power options, you can check whether all the power plans are set properly. Turning off the system is set to shutdown system. We may not be aware of the fact that when the shutdown is set ouit to set system to hibernate or go to sleep mode.

power options menu windows 8

Malware infection can also be the reason behind causing the shutdown delay. So, scan your system using Microsoft Security Essentials or Anti-Virus and remove malware or virus.

Run a hard test to check the health and performance of system HDD. If it’s the Hard Drive that is the culprit causing Shutdown issues then you need replacement.

Lastly, you can go for Recovery or Refresh option Or do a Clean install of Windows 8 to fix the shutdown problems.

Upon following the tutorial here hopefully you can resolve issues with Windows 8 shutdown or fix the issue – Windows 8 won’t shutdown.


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