Windows 8: Launch Apps in Admin mode permanently

Most of the times when you want to install or run any kind of apps or extra software in your Windows computer you get a message prompting you need to log in as the administrator to run the program. Generally, there are two types of modes for running an application. If you are not logged in as administrator, here is the tutorial how you can get into the Windows 8 Administrator mode permanently.Launch App in Admin mode permanently

Windows 8 generally selects the non administrator mode or say it is set by default. In the non-admin mode the application are given less priority. From the system security point of view it is quite appropriate to be logged as Non-administrator as Windows 8 OS defends the system from any kind of malware or virus activities. But, there are many Apps that require Administrator privileges in order to run successfully especially the older ones.

However one can have the administrator privileges simply by running the app in admin mode that is by right clicking the app and selecting the option Run as Administrator. You can also activate the admin mode from the start mode itself. But, the problem is you have to repeat this every time you launch the program or the App.

run as administrator

Follow the steps illustrated below to run the Applications in Administrator mode permanently.

  • Select and Right click on the Application that you want to run administrator mode and go to its properties

app Properties Windows 8

  • Tap on the shortcut tab in the properties window and select the advanced option in the bottom of the window

Properties Window Windows8

  • Advanced properties window opens, there check the check-box saying Run as Administrator.

advanced properties windows 8

Upon completing all the steps described above, you can run that particular app in Administrator mode forever. You no longer will be debarred from using the application or get any admin prompt regarding not logged as Administrator.


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