Windows 8 Folders on Desktop Disappeared – How to fix this Issue?

Files and folders missing from Windows 8 desktop screen. There are users who keep their files and folders on desktop itself, but due to certain reasons you find them missing from there. There might be many users out there who might have encountered this issue. In this tutorial we will be discussing about some troubleshooting steps fix issues with strange behavior of missing desktop folders on Windows 8.

windows 8 desktop folders missing fix
One fine day when you log in your system you find that the folders saved on desktop are missing but from file explorer when you reach out to desktop folder you can see them. But what is causing the disappearance of desktop folders. Here are some possible fixes to resolve this issue on Windows 8.

Restart your system and see if you get back your folders. Often it so happens that due to starting of system indecently some of the system files and folders doesn’t execute properly. This might be the reason causing the disappearance of folders from desktop.

When you try dragging the files and folders to desktop you encounter some kind of error. This can be due to system corrupted system files. Try running system file checker. Press Win + X to bring up the power user menu and select command prompt (Admin). In the elevated command prompt that opens type in sfc/ scannow and hit enter. This will run a scan through the system files and replace the corrupted system files. Restart system once the scan is completed and see if you can see the missing folders on the desktop.

If you are still unable to see the folders open the desktop, try Microsoft fix it here. This will fix all the bugs and show the desktop folders back on Windows 8 desktop.

Hopefully the steps described above will resolve the bugs and show the desktop folders on Windows 8 desktop.


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