Windows 8 Fix – Unable to detect Modem

Windows 8 unable to detect Modem or access internet or say unable to set connection. There can be several reasons causing this issue on Windows 8. Unable to detect modem or failure of internet connection. In this tutorial we will be discussing about how to resolve this issue on Windows 8 and access Internet easily.

dongle not detected windows 8

Connecting Modem but Windows fails to detect it or if detected the connection cannot be set. Try out the steps discussed in the tutorial below to fix this issue and allows detection and connection successfully.

Fix – Unable to detect Modem on Windows 8

Firstly connect and check if other USB devices are detected by the system or not. If no then the USB port is the faulty one. If other USB device works fine then try connecting your Modem with other PC. If the other system detects the Modem then the try out the fixes described below.

Firstly install the samsung usb driver in other system running on Windows 8 then pull out the modem and connect it back to your system. win 7 compatible mode

Update all the system drivers and try installing the modem.

If none of the USB is read and the USB port isn’t the faulty one then check if your system has disabled the USB port. If the USB is disabled none of the USB devices will function.

If the modem is detected but you are unable to access internet then Pull the SIM and replace it and connect the USB back to your system.

Uninstall the Modem Application on Windows 8 system and re-install it and try to access Internet. See if this helps in connecting to Internet.

Often Windows isn’t compatible with the Modem. If this is the case you might not access the Modem.

Alternatively you can use the PC suit software and use your phone to surf Internet on your Computer.

Hope the fixes discussed in the tutorial above helps you resolve issues with Unable to detect Modem or Unable to access Internet.  If you have any other queries then write to us by writing in the comment section below.


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