Windows 8 : Enable/Disable Fast Startup

As already described, Windows 8 is embedded with many latest features from the previous versions of OS in the earlier posts. There are lots of new features included along with improvements in the existing features. One of the important features in Windows 8 is the quick start up or boot as compared to that of Windows 7. Follow the tutorial to know more about the fast startup and how to enable/disable the feature on Windows computer.Enable Disable Fast Startup windows8
When you shutdown your computer, the system draws power from all the internal hardware components such as the CPU, RAM, CD-Rom, and hard disk and closes all the programs that are currently active or running at the time of shut sown. When you plug into your Windows 8 computer the power is supplied to all the hardware component and you are able to boot into your computer.

Windows 8 Fast Startup is a newly introduced feature enabled that allows your system to boot faster than normal by saving system information to a file during shutdown. The information includes registry cache, and many other system files. If you have enabled Fast Startup then the shutdown and reboot will not apply the new settings as the system information are saved before the shutdown and on booting are loaded from a file that is every change that is required for a complete cold reboot is not applied.

If you want to start with fresh settings then you need to turn off the Fast Startup in Windows’ settings.

Enable/Disable Fast Startup in Windows 8

By default this feature is enabled in Windows 8, follows the post to disable/ enable it, and when you need to perform a complete reboot to start a fresh Windows rather resuming the previous applications.

  • To manage Fast Startup in Windows 8, navigate to the metro Start screen and type Power Options from the Settings and hit enter
  • Under the power options windows, click on the Choose what the power buttons do from the sidebar

choose power buttons

  • Under this option, scroll down and you will see the Fast Startup enabled

enable fast startup windows 8enable fast startup windows 8

  • If the feature is disabled or greyed out, then it can be enabled by clicking the option Change settings that are currently unavailable option above

You should know that the fast startup setting doesn’t apply to Restart. Reboot your system to effect the changes. Thus, upon following all the steps described above you can disable or enable fast Startup in Windows 8 which enables faster boot as compared to the earlier version of Windows.


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