Windows 8 : Enable Shutdown, Logon and Logoff Sounds

Many windows 8 users are unable to locate the sound alerts that are produced during Logon, Logoff or Shutdown. By the time we all know that Windows 8 OS has brought out many changes in the OS an the new interface is quite different from the earlier versions. The Shutdown, Logon and Logoff Sounds options are missing from the sound list on Windows 8. Earlier versions of Windows operating system have always allowed their users to customize different sounds alerts during logon, logoff, etc. Follow the tutorial to customize the sounds in Windows 8 during Logon, Logoff or Shutdown.

Enable Shutdown Logon logoff sounds

One of the changes made in Windows 8 have hidden the sound alerts by default for which you are unable to locate them easily. In the earlier version the sounds option was available under control panel but its no longer available on Windows 8. Follow the steps given below to locate the hidden sound options and customize them with any sounds you like.

  • Open the RUN dialog box from the start menu or using the Keyboard shortcut Windows Key + R
  • Type regedit and press Enter. This will open the windows registry editor
  • Next, Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\AppEvents\EventLabels where you will be able to see a list of subfolders for different sound events for Windows 8
  • Scroll down the list and click on WindowsLogOff
  • To the right pane, locate the key ExludeFromCPL and double click on it and change its value to 0 and click OK

windows 8 registry editor logoff sound

  • Repeat the above mentioned process under SystemExit and WindowsLogoff subfolders.
  • Upon setting ExludeFromCPL key values to 0 for SystemExit, WindowsLogoff and Windows Logon, close the Registry Editor.
  • Switch to Desktop and right click the Sound icon on the Taskbar and select Sounds
  • Select Change System Sounds under sound option.

Once you have completed all the above mentioned steps, you can see the entries in the Program Events list, and from there you can customize them. By using the same steps you can bring back the sounds that are not listed in Program Events.

Before making any changes in your Windows Registry Editor make sure that you have kept a back up or system restore point. If you accidentally delete any of the entries from the registry, then it can cause many errors on your computer.

Upon following the steps that are described above hopefully you will be able to bring back the sound alerts on your Windows 8 computer along with this you can also customize the sounds during Logon, Logoff or Shutdown on your Windows 8 computer.


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