Disable Windows 8 Explorer Ribbon permanently

Windows 8 embeds many amazing features; a ribbon interface feature in windows 8 explorer is one of the amazing features. The ribbon performs various functions in Windows 8. There are three central menus located such as file, Computer and View on top side of ribbon interface. This allows you to access various programs with a click. Here is the tutorial how to hide the Hide Windows Explorer Ribbon permanently in Windows 8.

Disable Windows 8 Explorer Ribbon permanently

There are various system tool and device shortcuts like Access media, Map network dive, and Control panel link, System Properties, etc. available in the Windows 8 ribbon interface. Through the ribbon interface it becomes much easier to access or launch programs.

Upon clicking on Small arrow button at the top right panel besides help sign in windows 8 explorer, we can hide or enable the ribbon interface feature can. To hide the ribbon interface in windows 8 explore permanently follow the tutorial below.

You can hide the Windows 8 explorer ribbon interface permanently though Windows Group Policy Editor. Follow the steps illustrated below.

  • Open the Run dialog box by pressing Windows Key + R
  • Type gpedit.msc and click OK button
  • Local Group Policy Editor of Window appears in the screen

group policy editor win 8

  • Click on User Configuration tab in the left pane of the window
  • Now go to Administrative Templates tab
  • Click Windows Components tab and click on Windows Explorer in left panel
  • To right panel, you can find Start Windows Explorer with ribbon minimized. Right click and choose Edit option
  • A property window of start windows explorer with ribbon minimized opens from there choose Disabled tab and hit on Apply button at the bottom

disable start windows with ribbon minimized

  • Upon hitting apply, the ribbon interface will hide forever from windows 8 explorer.

If you wish to make custom modes of ribbon interface rather hiding it, then simply check the tab Enabled from same window. Next, go to options category and choose any menu from the drop down lists to customize ribbon interface in windows 8 explorer that is selecting make ribbon interface customized in windows 8 explorer.

start windows with ribbon minimized

Upon following the steps described you can easily hide Windows Explorer Ribbon permanently in Windows 8.


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