Windows 8: Disable Localization in Windows App Store

With the entire latest features built in Windows 8, Windows Store app is among one of them. Microsoft has built the new OS in order to feature it in both Windows 8 phone and PC. The start screen, lock screen and many other features proves the above mentioned statement. Windows Store provides different Apps that help developers to make more profit. One of them is the ability to localize their apps; that means a developer can hide an app from appearing in the particular locality.

Disable Localization in Windows App Store
They can focus their app on the local language. Due to this you may not be able see all the apps that are available in Window Store. However, Windows App Store in Windows 8 is embedded with the option that gives you the ability to search and use all the localized apps. Here is the tutorial how you can turn off localization in Windows 8 App store.

Disable Localization in Windows Store

By default, Windows App Store in Windows 8 shows and searches for the apps that use the similar language as that of the system. To turn off/disable this option, follow the steps given below.

  • Tap on Windows App Store tile in the Start screen
  • Now, press Windows key + I to bring up Settings panel or move your mouse in the right edge to bring up Settings panel.
  • Select Settings in Settings panel and select Preferences


  • You can see the Preferences page before you. Find the option Make it easier to find apps in my preferred language
  • The option is enabled by default and you need to switch it off or disable it
  • Once done with the changes close Windows Store and reopen it. Now, in your search result, you can see all the apps that are not available in your language or locality.


Although this is not an important feature, but some developers prefer this as they may want to access all apps from everywhere in the world.

Upon following the steps discussed above you can easily disable the localization in Windows 8 App store and all the apps from across the world.


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