Windows 8 Desktop Background Cannot be Changed – How to fix it?

Windows 8 OS has been now a more than a year old. There are users out there who face daily issues with Windows 8. Users have come with issues like when attempting to change the desktop background; the OS simply make it happen. In this tutorial we will be discussing about how to fix issues with unable to change Desktop Background.

windows 8 wallpaper change prevent
When trying to change the desktop wallpaper on Windows 8 PC or say the personalization window hides all the wallpaper on trying to set new wallpaper. It may so happen that on changing the wallpaper from personalization window the window hangs and on reopening it after hitting the cancel button the images or wallpaper are all gone. Here are some possible ways to fix issues like this.

If on changing the wallpaper you are prevented and asked to activate your copy of Windows then, you need to activate it. To do so, Open control panel and go to System and see if your copy is activated or not. If not activate it.

If already activated, open command prompt with Admin rights. Press Win + X and click on Command Prompt (Admin). In the elevated command prompt type in sfc/ scannow and hit enter. This will run a system file checkers scan to fix or replace the corrupted system files. Corrupted files can prevent the background from being changed.

Often the Wallpaper itself is corrupted. Like if the TranscodedWallpaper.jpg file is corrupted, then you might not be able to change the desktop background. To fix this issue the TranscodedWallpaper is to be deleted. To delete the wallpaper perform the following steps below

  • In the search box, and copy and paste the following %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Themes\ and hit enter
  • Here you can see the TranscodedWallpaper.jpg file. Next, right click on it and select Rename. Simply rename it to TranscodedWallpaper.old,
  • Upon prompted by UAC, click Yes
  • If you see any slideshow.ini listed in the Themes window, simply double-click on it. This will open Slideshow.ini in Notepad. Now delete texts in the notepad and save and exit Notepad.
  • Now, refresh the File Explorer or close it.
  • Next open the wallpaper you want to set on the background and right click on it to apply, see if this helps.

That’s all. Hope the fixes described above help you fix issues with Windows 8 Prevented the change of Wallpaper.


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