Windows 8 – Create IE10 InPrivate Browsing Shortcut

Microsoft has brought out many changes in Internet Explorer 10 along with Windows 8 OS. It has added many new features making the browser different from its earlier version. Windows 8 comes with new Internet Explorer 10 browser. Most interesting feature is the InPrivate mode. This mode prevents the browser from storing data regarding your browsing session. That can be cookies, temporary Internet files, history, and other data. Follow the tutorial below to create Shortcut for InPrivate Browsing mode in IE 10 in Windows 8 to open IE 10 in private mode with a click.

ie 10 inprivate browsing shortcut

Many users out there might be concerned about their browsing in public PC or in multi user PC as it risk security and privacy while browsing. Today we will be discussing about how you can launch IE 10 in InPrivate mode within a click. By default, InPrivate mode disables IE 10 toolbars and extensions. To do you need to create a shortcut to launch IE 10 browser in private mode in Windows 8. Follow the steps below to create IE10 (InPrivate) Browsing Shortcut.

How to Create Internet Explorer 10 InPrivate mode Shortcut

Here we will be creating a shortcut for IE 10 InPrivate mode manually.

  • First switch to Windows 8 desktop mode and right click on a empty area
  • Now, select New > Shortcut from right click context menu

create shortcut

  • You can see create shortcut window on screen. In the location field, copy and paste the following command and hit Next button “%ProgramFiles%\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe” -private
  • You can also open a specific website upon launching IE10 browser in Inprivate mode. To do so, add the website’s address after -private. For example, if you want to open Tipsnext, you can put the following location in the field “%ProgramFiles%\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe” -private
  • So, upon clicking on the shortcut you can directly open the particular webpage in InPrivate mode.
  • Next, it asks you to assign a name, name it as Internet Explorer (InPrivate) or something else and hit Finish button.

name shortcut

The shortcut to open IE 10 browser in InPrivate mode is ready. Simply click the shortcut whenever you wish to start Internet Explorer in Private mode.

You can Pin the new shortcut to Taskbar for easier access or at start screen or add to Quick Launch or assign a keyboard shortcut to it or whatever you feel to launch or access it easily.

So, now you can open IE 10 browser in private mode in Windows 8 within a click by following the steps described above.


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