Windows 8: Create Hybrid Shutdown Shortcut for faster Startup

Windows 8 in-build’s various features that makes it quite different from the earlier version or its predecessor OS. For faster boot of Windows 8 it includes fast start up option. This fast startup or hybrid shutdown allows you to shut down your PC by saving the kernel session and device drivers to hibernate (hiberfil.sys) file on disk instead of rather closing the files as done by the earlier windows version. So, that next time you start your system, it boots much faster than the earlier Windows version. To offer fast start up, here we will be discussing about Hybrid Shut Down Shortcut in Windows 8

hybrid shutdown shortcut

This hybrid shutdown feature helps fast start up by saving the session in hiberfil.sys file and reduces the file size too. So, follow the tutorial here to create a Shut down shortcut with or without a time delay and custom message that appears before attempting for Windows 8 shutdowns and prepares the system for a fast start up.

Custom message

Steps to Manually create Shortcut for “Hybrid Shut down” in Windows 8

  • Go to desktop UI and right click on an empty space
  • From the right click context menu, select New > Shortcut
  • Create Shortcut window appears, in the location field type shutdown -S -hybrid -F -T ## -C “Your message ” and hit next
    In the message you need to add something that you need to do reminded before turning off windows, like save all files, etc. Replace ## with the seconds you want to delay your Windows 8 or it prepares for a shutdown.

By doing this you can see the message for that time being before system shut downs.

type location

  • Next, name it as Hybrid Shut down and hit Finish button

name shortcut

  • On the desktop, you can see the shortcut created. Right click and select Properties
  • In properties window, click on Shortcut tab, and then to Change Icon button and hit OK


  • In the new window below the line Look for icons in this file, copy and paste this command %SystemRoot%\system32\SHELL32.dll and hit Enter

select icon

  • Next, select an icon for the shortcut or the one highlighted in blue as shown in the above screenshot, and hit OK.
  • Lastly, click OK and close all the windows.

Now the shortcut for Hybrid shutdown is all ready to use with the icon as chosen by you. You can further pin it to Taskbar on desktop or start screen or add to Quick Launch, etc. for easier access.

The tutorial here shows you how to create shortcut for Hybrid Shutdown, so that you can start up Windows 8 faster or reduce the boot time as compared to the earlier Windows version. .


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