Windows 8 Clock not Working or Stuck at the Taskbar – How to Fix it?

All Windows OS feature clock at the bottom right corner which is operated by CMOS battery embedded in the CPU unit. In this tutorial we will be discussing about how to fix when the clock gets stuck and doesn’t show the time correctly on Windows 8 PC.

Windows 8 Clock Stuck fix
There are users who have come across problem with the System Clock like clock stuck and not showing time. There can be several culprits causing this kind of errors on the system. Here are some possible fixes to resolve the clock struck issue on Windows PC.

Firstly try other clock options or gadgets and see if those are working properly. If yes then try the troubleshooting steps discussed ahead.

Malware infection can give rise to this kind of issues. Run full system scan using an update Anti-virus or Windows Defender. If you have more than one AV then install only one. Don’t keep multiple AV on the system. After running scan restart your system and see if the clock is running or not.

If you have Sleep mode enabled then disable it. Open Power option from charms bar or by clicking on the power icon on desktop. From the Control Panel, click on More Settings and go to Power Options.

Next, click on the link What the Power buttons do and check the box besides the option Change settings that are currently unavailable

You can now disable the Sleep mode option on Windows 8.

Alternatively, to fix issue with system clock you can make use of a third party application called sync tool or Windows System Time Sync. This will help sync the time on the Windows PC. Once you download and install the software, keep in mind to right click the launch file and then go to compatibility and click on run as an administrator.

Make your settings or sync the system timings and once synced hit the OK button.
If the system CMOS battery itself stops functioning, then you need to replace it so that you can sync the time or have the clock back functioning.

That’s it. Hope the troubleshooting fixes described in the tutorial help you fix issues with stuck Clock on Windows 8 PC.


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