Windows 8: Clear Clipboard to free up Space

When you think of copy-paste things on the system, Clipboard comes in handy. This tool is frequently used by most of the users out there. Clipboard is storage of the GUI that is short term and is utilized to store data for short time. It has its importance while storing copy-paste texts. For instance if we want to copy or cut a piece of text, that particular piece of text is stored in the clipboard and every time the text is pasted it gets copied from the clipboard. For privacy measures, the documents or the piece of text stored in the system needs to be cleaned or say you can free up some space on your system hard drive by removing or cleaning the clipboard.

Clear Clipboard windows 8The clipboard needs to be cleaned frequently, as it takes up memory on the system. So, clearing clipboard will remove the unnecessary items or junks and free some memory space that was unnecessarily occupied. Here is the tutorial how you can clear clipboard or remove unnecessary texts from Windows 8 system.

The tutorial here will allow you to create shortcut for clearing the Windows 8 clipboard. Once the shortcut is created, you can clear clipboard by double clicking the icon

Steps to clear Clipboard in Windows 8

  • On the desktop right Click in an empty space and in the context menu go to New and click on Shortcut
  • Now you get a Create Shortcut window. Next, type the following text cmd /c “echo off | clip” and hit Next button
  • Now, name the newly created shortcut as Clear Clipboard and click Finish.

create shortcut clear clipboardOnce you have completed all the steps described above, you can see a shortcut on the desktop. Now, whenever you wish to clear the clipboard, simply double click on the shortcut icon and get your clipboard clean.

Follow the tutorial and clear your Windows 8 clipboard and free memory.


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