Windows 8: Check for the Amount of RAM and Processor Installed

As already been discussing about the new Windows 8 OS in the earlier posts here is another one. There are many new features integrated that gives more sophisticated experience to the users by making its interface user friendly. But, for a novice the OS seems to be a bit complicated and find it difficult to operate. Although everything is placed in Windows 7 but still many users find it difficult as the new interface users might be lost while navigating through several options and Windows. Here is the tutorial how you can check the amount of RAM is installed in your Windows 8 system.

Check for the Amount of RAM and Processor Installed
Both RAM and CPU are the essential components of a system. The CPU or the processor is a primary chip inbuilt in the system’s digital circuitry. The processor is the one that executes all the programs and the instructions inside the computer. The processor and microprocessor installed in the system measures speed in the Gigahertz. The higher the processor’s speed, lesser is the time taken to process the instruction.

To check the amount of RAM in the previous versions of Windows was possible by a right click on Computer icon (in case of Windows Vista/Windows 7) and on My Computer icon (in case of Windows XP or earlier versions) and then go to Properties option. Here itself you are able to see the total installed physical memory. But, looking for the same in Windows 8 is quite different as the new interface do not have Computer icon right on the desktop.

Check for the Amount of RAM and type of Processor Installed in Windows 8

So, it is little complicated for a new user. Follow the steps given below to check the total physical memory and processor installed on your computer.

  • Boot your Windows 8 installed system
  • Click the Start button
  • Now, click on Control Panel from the list of programs that appears
  • Under Control Panel window to the left pane click on More Settings option that is available at the bottom of the list

more settings

  • Next click on System icon on the opened Control Panel Window

control panel items

  • Under view basic information about your computer window you can check the amount of RAM installed under System category in front of Installed memory (RAM) label.

system information

Upon completion of all the steps you can now close all the Windows.

If you wish to check the amount RAM and processor installed on your Windows 8 system, then follow the tutorial discussed above.


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