Windows 8 – Change Windows Store Apps Permissions

We are discussing about the new features added in Windows 8 for the benefit of users. By now almost all are aware of the fact that Windows 8 is quite different from the earlier versions of Windows OS. It includes many new never seen before features too like that of start screen, App store and many more in Windows PC. The Windows App store allows you to install Apps within clicks. Here is the tutorial how you can turn on/ off available permissions for a Windows Store app for your user account in Windows 8.

Change Windows Store Apps Permissions

You might sometimes want to change Windows Store Apps permissions; here is how you can do so. Simply follow the steps described below.

Steps to Change Windows Store Apps Permissions in Windows 8

  • Open Windows Store app from the Start screen. Here we have taken Messaging as example whose permissions you want to change

Permissions 1

  • With the app opened, bring out the Charms bar by holding down Windows + C keys
  • Next, click on the Settings charm

charms bar

  • At the top right pane, you can see Permissions tab click on it

Permissions 3

  • Here, you can drag the sliders either left to turn on or towards right to turn off the available permissions you want for the app. The permissions available for a Metro app may vary from app to app.

Permissions settings

That’s all. Upon completion of all the steps, you can now press the Windows key to return to the Start screen.
Upon following the tutorial here you can now change Windows Store Apps permissions as per your preference in Windows 8.


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