Windows 8: Change Keyboard Input Language

Many users out there might be used to access computer in their regional languages. If you are one who prefer regional language over English or say English is not your Primary language and it’s little difficult on your part to access the new Windows 8 settings as there are lot of variations made in the new OS and is quite different from the earlier versions. Here is the tutorial how you can change the keyboard layout to access your Windows 8 more comfortably and easily.

change windows 8 keyboard layout

Windows 8 has a different User Interface as compared to the earlier versions of OS. It may trouble many users in locating certain features or Apps. Here is how you can change your keyboard layout or language to access the new OS more easily.

As already mentioned above about the changes made in Windows 8, the new Control Panel is split into two separate applets that is Region and Language applets, making the keyboard layout a little complicated as compared with the prior versions of Windows OS.

Accessing Windows 8 control panel is not that simple as it used to be in the earlier versions of Windows OS where you were able to launch the control panel easily from the start menu and access these settings.

Control panel allows you to find most hidden settings in Windows along with much other information that are hardly known to users out there. Follow the tutorial below to know how you can quickly access the control panel in Windows 8 and start configuring hidden settings and change the keyboard layout to the language that is easier for you to understand to deal with the key settings in Windows 8.

Change Keyboard Input Language on Windows 8

  • Press Windows Key + X from your keyboard
  • Now you will have Windows 8 Tools Menu on the screen
  • Select Control Panel from the menu

control panel

  • Next, click Change input methods under clock, Languages, Region heading or click to switch to the Small icons view under category view and select language

change input language win8

  • You are in the language preferences screen; from there select Add a language to include a new language of your choice

change your language preferences add language

  • Next, choose the language you wish to add to queue and hit the Add tab

add language windows8

  • At last, select the new language and click the Move up button in order to make the selected language as your primary language.

moveup language preference windows 8

Restart your Windows 8 system, to effect the changes.

On system reboot, you will notice that your primary language has been changed to the language preferred by you. By changing the preference language or keyboard input language to the one that is easily understood by you so that it becomes easier on your part to look for key settings on the new Windows 8 OS and access the new OS easily.


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