Windows 8 – Apply a Custom View to All Folders having Same Template

You must have come across this situation where you set custom view option to see a folder either in form of thumbnails or tiles, etc. Today we will be discussing about how you can “Apply to Folders” the view set in one folder to be applied to all other folders in the system that use the same folder template in only your user account in Windows 8.

Apply a Custom View to All FoldersYou must have noticed that the folder view settings of Computer, Favorites (Navigation pane), and library folders cannot be applied to all folders. You can see that the Apply to Folders button is grayed out if Folder Options is already opened in these folders. Here is how you can overcome this situation.

  • Open File Explorer (Windows Explorer) and open the folder where you want to use to apply it’s folder view settings set to all folders using the same template


  • Now, make changes you wish to like that of Group by, Sort by, Arrange by views , Icon size and view, add or remove columns, column width, and/or column order folder view settings
  • Once you are done open Folder Options within the folder in File Explorer. This might not work if Folder Options are opened from any other way than from within this opened folders window

Folder Options

  • You can see the Folder Options, here click on the View tab and hit Apply to Folders button.
  • Click Yes to confirm
  • You can now see that the chosen folder view settings are applied to all folders optimized to use the same template at the folder previously
  • Finally, Hit OK to complete the procedure.

Upon following the steps described you can now apply any view to all the folders in the Windows 8 PC so that you don’t have to change their view settings every time you open the folder.


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