Which Windows 8 Apps consumes much space in HDD?

Windows 8 has includes many new features that are have attracted a lot of users out there. Starting with the start menu which is a replacement for start menu, it also includes Windows 8 app store to launch apps easily. Windows 8 is developed for dual use that is in Smartphone’s and PC. There are many features that are added to it keeping its dual functionality. The apps that are installed in the system however occupy space on your system. Here is the tutorial about how you can determine which Apps is using much space on your system hard drive or say you can find out the storage capacity of the installed Metro apps are using in Windows 8.

app size windows 8Keep in mind that this feature is only available in Windows 8 RTM and not in Windows 8 Release Preview. To find out the amount of storage space used in Windows 8 by the Apps follow the steps given below.

How to find which Apps are taking much space on your Windows 8 system

  • Press Windows key + C to open charms bar
  • In charms bar, select settings charm
  • Under settings charm, click on PC settings

App sizes pc settings windows 8

  • In the left pane, click on General tab
  • In the right side, click on View app sizes on the right side under Available storage. Here you can view how much free space you have available for apps.

App-sizesApp sizes

  • It also shows the sizes of all your installed Metro apps for how much of the available space being utilized.

Once you get to know which Apps is eating up much space on the system, you can delete them to free some space if necessary. You can close the box by clicking on any empty space.

Scarcity of space in system hard disk can slow down your system performance. So, better delete Apps that are not used and free some space.

Upon following the steps described above you can now easily find the amount of space taken by Windows 8 Apps.


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