Using Troubleshooters to fix problems in Windows 8

Troubleshooting options are the first step to fix any issues encountered in the system. It is quite recommended to use troubleshooter option before making any huge brawl. Many issues can be sort out easily without much hassle using the troubleshooters. Here is the tutorial about how you can open and use troubleshooters to fix some common problems automatically with your Windows 8 PC.

Troubleshooters fix problems Windows 8

Troubleshooting options can be found in Control Panel. It consists of several other troubleshooters that can automatically fix some common problems with your Windows 8 PC. Thought it’s useful, but it still lacks. It can detect the problem but might not fix every problem. Still it is a good idea to first step, since it saves much of your time and effort in looking for the culprit causing the errors in the system.

Today we will be discussing about how you can open and use troubleshooters so that you can automatically fix some common problems in your Windows 8 PC.

Upon running a troubleshooter, you are prompted for some questions or require resetting common settings while it works to fix the problem. If the troubleshooter resolves the problem close the troubleshooter. If it is unable to fix the problem, you can view several online options to fix the problem. You can also get a complete list of changes undergone by the troubleshooter.

Steps to open and use troubleshooters to fix Windows 8 problems

  • First open Control Panel from start screen or desktop in icons view
  • Next, click on the Troubleshooting icon
  • In Troubleshooting window, click on the View all link on the left pane

Win8 Troubleshooting

  • Now, click on the troubleshooter that you would like to use and run

Win8 Troubleshooting

  • You are prompted with instructions on running the troubleshooter, follow as instructed to complete the process
  • In the Advanced link under troubleshooter, uncheck the box besides the option Apply repairs automatically.
    You can see a list of solutions to fix the problem at the end of the troubleshooting process.

Troubleshooter example

You can take help of the solutions listed and some solutions might require administrator permissions to be able to use it.
Here is how you can use troubleshooter to fix issues in the Windows 8 system.


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