Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 8

Are you fond of using Keyboard shortcuts? Many users uses shortcuts to access the computer which is sometime easier and faster than using a mouse. A simple shortcut can lead you directly to the destination without trolling a lot here and there. Follow the tutorial to know some keyboard shortcuts for Windows 8.

windows 8 keyboard shortcuts
As Windows 8 is little bit difficult for the new users. So, here are some helpful keyboard shortcuts that can be used in Windows 8.

  • Windows Key+B will close the fullscreen windows-apps
  • Holding Windows+C will immediately bring up the Charms bar from where you can access things like Search, Share, and Settings quickly.
  • Windows+D shortcut is similar to the function as in Windows 7. It will bring you to Desktop mode. This shortcut is useful in bringing the desktop without minimizing windows one by one. Pressing Windows-D again toggles between minimize or restore all windows. Ctrl + Esc also toggles with desktop.
  • Windows+I will bring up the Settings charm, where you can find the Power icon for shutting down the PC.
  • Windows+H will allow you to access the charms bar.
  • Windows+K allow you to share charm.
  • Windows+E will open the computer.
  • Windows+F will you to access the file screen search.
  • Windows+W access the setting search screen.
  • Windows+P access the second screen bar.
  • Windows+Q allow you to access the App search screen.
  • Windows+U open ease of access center
  • Windows+Pause/break will open the system page
  • Windows+PrtSc is a new feature that not only captures the screenshot but saves it automatically to your Pictures folder in PNG format.
  • Windows-X brings up old-school menu of Windows tools that include Power Options, Device Manager, Disk Management, and Command Prompt.
  • WindowsKey+Z pops out details or options inside of full screen apps
  • Windows+Enter will launch Narrator
  • Alt+ f4 closes an open window.

Some of the keyboard shortcuts are given above, using them will help you access the Windows 8 computer easily.


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