Use Windows 8 People App to Link Contacts in one place

Windows 8 has added many features that have been fascinating many users out there. Nowadays there are various networking sites available and each one of us likes to be on those, but have you ever wondered of having all your contacts from online email accounts or social accounts in one place. The contacts in the social accounts are little uneasy to manage. Here is the tutorial how you can add and access multiple online accounts by linking them in one place.

Use Windows 8 People App to Link Contacts

You might be having number of contacts in several online accounts, each time you want to access them you need to go under the particular account. It would be nice if you get to see all your accounts in one place. Here is how you can link or contacts with Windows 8 People App.

Windows 8 avails Windows 8 store Apps, which allows you to launch and enjoy various Apps easily. With Windows 8 People App you can easily access all your contacts from online accounts. Here is how you can link all contacts in one place.

How to Link / Unlink Contacts with Windows 8 People App

Today each one of us is connected with networking site and has online account. To access all the contacts in accounts in one place, follow the steps below to link contacts and have them in one place.

  • At First install People App from Windows 8 store, to do so, go to Windows 8 Start screen and launch the People app
  • Next, select the contacts from the contact list that is to added with another one
  • If you are using a tablet device, then swipe upwards from the bottom edge or using a mouse, right-click within the app
  • Next, click Link button, if the links is already linked then it can be seen under Linked profiles


  • You can see a suggestions tab, under that you can find the contact that you wanted to link, simply click on it to link it the contact

choose a contact

  • If the contact that is to be added doesn’t appear, click Choose a contact

add account1

  • Now, start locating for what you are looking for and hit Add
  • To unlink any contact, again click on the link. On doing so you can find that the contact moves to the other side and you are no more associated with that contact or person.
  • Finally, to save the changes applied hit Save.

With Windows 8 People App, you can now easily access contacts from multiple accounts in one place.


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