Use of Windows key +X Shortcut in Windows 8

Keyboard shortcuts are useful to operate a system faster or say it saves time by providing quick access to certain computer features or say it launch feature or Apps within a click. There are many shortcuts that are most commonly used by users and are quite popular too. For instance Windows Key + R to open Run dialog box and many more. Here is the tutorial for Windows key +X keyboard shortcuts in Windows 8.use winx shortcut windows 8As we all are quite aware by now that Windows 8 has replaced the traditional menu by start screen, so it quite tricky to launch some programs as many feature or program are hidden or say it has become quite difficult for the user to locate them on the system. Here is some keyboard shortcut that can be used to launch programs quickly and easily perform our task.

Most users are quite familiar with the usual Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts, but there are some useful Win+X keyboard shortcuts that are unknown to us. Here is the list of some useful Windows key +X keyboard shortcuts that can be used to launch several programs and make our task easier.

winx menu windows 8

Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows 8

Use Windows key +X to open elevated CMD

Hold down Windows key +X and A from the desktop and you can easily launch command prompt.
You can press Windows key +X shortcut or move the cursor to the bottom left corner to open the WinX Menu, and from the menu you can select Command Prompt (Admin. Using the shortcut keys is faster.

Open Computer Management

You can open Computer Management, Hold down Windows key +X and G at the same time and Computer Management window will open.

Open Search from Desktop

As windows 8 menu is missing, you can launch the search box by pressing together Windows key +X, S on the desktop and start your Search in Windows 8.

Open Control Panel System Properties

If you hold down Windows key +X, Y together, the Control Panel System Properties will open on the screen in front you.

To open Run box, press Windows key +X, R. Likewise, Windows key +X, D opens Desktop, Windows key +X E opens the Explorer from the start screen. But this can also be also achieved by simply using Win+R, Win+D, Win+D, etc, respectively.

Upon using the keyboard shortcuts discussed here you can easily launch programs and achieve your task much easily on your Windows 8 PC.


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