Use ModernMix to Resize, Minimize and Close Windows 8 Metro Apps

The most interesting feature included in Windows 8 is the Metro start screen or the live tile screen, which has attracted many users. The metro UI features start screen and tile apps. If you are a Windows 8 user, then you must have seen that the modern UI apps does not allow any option to minimize, resize or close buttons. The modern Windows OS has added Windows App store from where you can install and run many Apps, but the Apps cannot be minimized rather it runs in the background and are optimized CPU usage is based upon the app usage. Now, it is possible to minimize, resize or close any modern Apps in Windows 8, follow the tutorial below to know how you can achieve this.

minimize close windows 8 apps modernmix

Windows 8 App store is another newly added feature in Windows 8 that allows easy installation of Apps. But at the same time Windows 8 doesn’t feature any minimize, resize or close buttons. But, now you can resize and Close Windows 8 Metro Apps using the utility program called ModernMix.

This App allows you to run Windows 8 Modern apps in a window on the desktop in full screen mode irrespective of how much of the screen space they really need. With this App, you can view all modern Apps like that of weather app, mail program or stock ticker entirely on your computer display or run apps normally like other desktop apps.


First install ModernMix App. During the installation process you are required to set the preference on how to open the modern UI apps. Once the settings are completed, start any modern UI app and you will be able see a small option at the top right corner to resize the window.

resize minimize win8 apps

With the option in the small box that appears at the top right corner of the App window, you can maximize or minimize any metro app. You can now run multiple Modern apps separately in individual in different windows on the desktop as well as launch them from the desktop using this App. You can run two Metro apps side by side or resize it according to your needs or even pin them to taskbar for quicker access and this is valid to all metro apps.

app store with resize minimize close option

You don’t have to resize the Apps every time you access or open it, as once you have set the sizes, the window sizes are remembered so that the next time you launch them, it launches in the same size.

All modern apps now have a standard Windows 8 title bar enabled, especially the close button to close Modern apps by a simple click on the button.

If you wish to resize or close any metro apps in Windows 8, then ModernMix is an awesome app. It adds some capabilities that are not available by default. The app normally costs $4.99, but you can try the app for 30 days with the free trial.


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