Unpleasant or bizarre sound on Windows 8 – How to fix it?

Connect sounds or kind of bizarre sounds at every minute. On working with Windows 8 you get to hear connect sounds that are really irritating and also make you lose your concentration on work. However, there can be various factors causing the system to make unpleasant and bizarre sound. It can also put you in helpless situation and keep on looking around what is causing the sounds on the system.fix bizzare sound problem windows 8One fine day when you turn on your system and sat to work on it you get to hear a kind of unpleasant sound that is quite disturbing. There can various reasons behind this sound issue. To get this problem resolved, we have come up with some probable fixes that will help you get rid of this issue.

Firstly update the system sound drivers. Outdated drivers can cause unusual sound on the system. To update the sound drivers, go to device manager and right click on the sound menu and update the drivers. If new or latest drivers are to be installed then visit manufacturer website and download from there.

windows device manager

If sound seems to appear when you are on your headset then the audio port or the headset itself is defective.
You can also make some adjustment on system sound properties. Right click on the system sound icon on the task manager or open Sound and volume control settings from control panel and adjust the sound settings.

You can also check the event viewer or task scheduler to find out the actual culprit. At time users allot certain reminders or programs to run at a scheduled time that might be causing the system to make unpleasant sound. Open event viewer and delete any kind of scheduled program.

Remove any kind of external cord or surge protector connected to the system and see if this helps you getting rid of the bizarre sound.

Often when you keep the USB inserted or plugged into the system can be the reason behind the bizarre sound on the system. Any loose connection on the system can generate unpleasant noise. Always make sure to boot and turn off system with the external devices safely removed from the system. If the USB ports are the weaker one then it can generate the unpleasant noise on the system.

If all the above fixes don’t help fixing the issues on Windows 8 then do a System Restore to get back to the state where the system worked seamlessly.

If you hear a kind of long and shorts beep then this is the indication for failing internal hardware unit. If the system HDD or RAM is failing then the beeps indicates either repair or replace as soon as possible.

That’s all. Upon following the troubleshooting fixes described above will help you fix the unusual sounds or connect sound on Windows 8.


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