Unknown features in Windows 8

Microsoft Windows 8 comes with pack of excellent features and easy shortcuts, but there are about some features and lots of handy shortcuts that are still unknown to the users. Windows 8 have many other features along with many variations with the existing features. Here is the tutorial about the hidden unknown features in Windows 8.

hidden features windows 8

Various unknown features in Windows 8 are discussed here.

Run Automatic Maintenance on a Schedule

Windows 8 has a latest feature that automatically maintains the tasks every day like security scanning and software updates etc. it has a default time that may be 3 A.M, if you want to change this time you can do that in action center. You can set the time if you want to wake your computer to perform these tasks. Manually, you can do this by doing some settings in the action center.

Customise the Apps in the Search Bar

In case you are searching from the home screen, you will notice that there a list of apps present under the search bar. Click one of them and you will again find the same apps under it. Now comes the interesting part, which you may not know is that you can add or remove the apps by changing the settings of the windows 8. First press windows+C button from the keyboard, this will automatically open the Charms bar. Click the settings, and scroll down to a option called “Change PC settings”. From left side bar choose search option and turn off the apps, which you do not want to see in the menu.

Enable the Hidden AeroLite Theme

At the time of testing phase of windows 8, it had a feature called AeroLite. It is a windows theme, but it is not there in the final version of windows 8, but you can still find this theme under the theme folder on your computer. You can re-enable this theme by changing your personal preferences. It looks same as the default theme, but it has some different looks on the title bar and other part of the OS.

Enable the Secret Start Screen Animation

When you are signing onto Windows 8, you get a cool animation followed by a tone. If you want to change the animation of the start screen then you can change the setting at registry editor. Press Windows+R button to open the Run Dialog box and type in regedit.exe and run it. This will open Registry editor. By changing the value of some attributes you can customize the animation of your start screen.

Customise More Icons in Windows Explorer

In windows 8 it’s easy to customize the library icon than Windows 7. Previously in Windows 7 contained some complicated process but it is eradicated in Windows 8. It is quite easy and simple in this case. If you are customizing the library icons then just right-click on the library, go to the property and there is an option to change the icons right at the bottom.

Take Faster Screenshots

Generally, if you want to take a screen shot then you have to press the button called print screen from your keyboard, after that open Photoshop or paint, and paste that copied item. Well now you can do this easily in your Windows 8 by pressing windows+PrintScreen button, after that it will automatically save it in your picture folder as a PNG file.

Hide Recent Files From Your Jump Lists

In windows 8 you can hide the recent items. It gives you an option to hide recent viewed items or recently opened pages or documents .To access the jump list, right click on Task bar, go to properties and click the jump lists tab.

Get More Out Of Your Multiple Monitors

If you are operating multiple monitors , you must have noticed that windows extends taskbar across both the screen for moving the current app to the left side monitor press windows+Page Up, and press Windows+Page Down to moving the app to the right monitor. Along with you can choose the desktop background for both the monitor by right clicking on the wallpapers.

These are some of the hidden features in Windows 8 which are quite helpful for many users.


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