Unidentified Network Issue on Windows 8 – How to fix it?

On connecting your system to internet cable you are prompted with Unidentified Network or say on connecting your Windows 8 system to Ethernet cable you get prompted with Unidentified Network error. It may either a faulty Ethernet cable or internet failure or problem with the internet settings. In this tutorial we will be discussing about how to resolve issues with Unidentified Network issue on Windows 8.

Unidentified network private

Windows 8 failing to recover or identify the network or the server. However there can be several issues causing this issue. Try out the steps discussed here when you find your windows 8 unable to identify or connect with server or network.

Fixes to Resolve Issues with Unidentified Network on Windows 8

Firstly, try plugging out the Ethernet cable and re-plug it and see if this helps. Or check if the Ethernet cable is not a faulty one. Try connecting your system with another cable if you have one. If you are able to connect then the earlier Ethernet is the faulty one.

Check if you get an IP address, to do so press win + R to open Run dialog box. In the box type in ipconfig /all . This will show all the IP address, see if you get one. Try ping your server using the IP address.

Check your router and modem is they cables are plugged in properly. Or try turning off the router and modem and restart it and repair the internet connection. Or try disabling and re-enabling the local are connection from the Network connection window.

If you are still unable to connect to Internet then there might be some server or internal issues or something else, try to contact your service provider to help you resolve issues with the Internet connection.

Hope the steps described here helps you fix issues with Internet connection or unidentified Network and you can access internet without much hassle.


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