UAC Prompts for Password – How to disable it?

UAC or User Account Control prompt often appears when you make any changes in the system. But in Windows 8 you might have seen that UAC asks for a password. This can be tiring to enter password every time you are prompted by UAC. In this tutorial we will be discussing about how you can disable the feature of password prompting on UAC.uac prompts Password windows 8UAC prompts when you make any changes on the system. This usually asks for a permission to approve the changes you are making on the system. But every time entering the password upon prompted by UAC is tiring. Here is how you can disable this feature on Windows 8 OS.

Press Win + C to bring Charms bar or move your cursor on the right hand screen and select the search charm and type in Local Security Policy. From the results that appear on the screen, right click on it and select Run As Administrator.

Local Policies window opens. Now click on Security Options.

Next, go to User Account Control > Behavior of the Elevation prompt for

Right click on Properties and select Elevate without Prompting for Admin.

Hope this helps you get rid of the password prompt every time UAC is prompted on Windows 8.

Upon following the steps described above you can disable the UAC prompts for password on Windows 8.


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