Turn On/Off Language Bar in Windows 8

How do you switch between input methods depends that on the app and the one which text services are installed on your PC? There are some apps that don’t work with the new style of switching between input methods in Windows 8. For these types of apps, you can use the Language bar from earlier versions of Windows to switch between input methods. Upon closing the Language bar no languages are removed from your PC so if you don’t need them, you can turn it off. Here is the tutorial how you can turn on or off the Language bar in Windows 8.

turn on off language bar windows 8Here are two new default way to switch between input methods on the taskbar from the desktop in Windows 8.

Upon turning on the Language bar, you will be able to see the Language bar available on the desktop instead of the new metro
Upon turning it off, you will have the new metro way on the desktop instead of the Language bar.

Steps to Turn On or Off Language Bar in Windows 8

At first you need to open Language bar and to do so, follow any of the procedures described below

Click on the input indicator system icon in the notification area and select Change language preferences

OR Open the Control Panel in icons view and click on the Language icon

OR open charms bar and open PC settings and select General tab in the left pane and hit on the Language Preferences link under Language on the right side

pc settings

In the left pane, click on the Advanced settings link

language settings

In order to Turn On the Desktop Language Bar

Under Switching input methods, check the option Use the desktop language bar when it’s available box

This will enable the Language bar, if there is more than one added language or input method, and is not set to be hidden in Options below.

Text Services 2

You can also click the Options tab on the right of the Use the desktop language bar when it’s available and select the Language bar options of your preference and click OK to apply

If you want to Turn Off the Desktop Language Bar which is by default,

Under Switching input methods, uncheck the Use the desktop language bar when it’s available box

advanced settings

Lastly click on Save to apply the changes and close the Language window.

Upon following the tutorial above you can now turn on or off the Language bar in Windows 8 as per your need.


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