Turn On /Off Aero Peek at Windows 8 Desktop

Aero feature was first introduced in Windows 7 OS. This feature is also availed in the new Windows 8 OS. This Aero provides various features among which Peek is one of the feature that allows you to have a look upon the activities that are going on the desktop. Here is the tutorial how you can Turn Aero Peek On or Off in Windows 8.

Turn On Off Aero Peek Windows 8

Aero Peek can be seen in the Windows 8 Taskbar. It allows you to see through the opened windows to check the activities going on in the desktop. Sometimes you might have wondered to have a look on the desktop when lots of windows are opened or say you are downloading something and you want to check the progress of the download at the desktop without minimizing the windows. Aero peek allows you to Peek at desktop by simply moving the mouse cursor to the right most corner of the taskbar . You will see the active open windows are made transparent for a while so that that you can peer through them to view desktop.

peek at desktopIf you want to disable this Aero peek feature, follow the tutorial here turn on/ off Peek at Desktop in Windows 8.

How to Enable or turn On /Off Aero Peek at Desktop in Windows 8

  • Firstly, right click on the system taskbar and click on Properties
  • Now, check the option Use Peek to preview the desktop when you move your mouse to the Show Desktop button at the end of the taskbar to turn on Peek at Desktop

turn on peek

  • Finally, Click on Apply and hit OK.

If the option mentioned above is already checked, then uncheck it to turn it off and click Apply and then OK.

Once you have completed all the steps you can try moving the mouse pointer to the rightmost corner of the taskbar. You will see that the peek feature has been enabled or disabled according to your selected preference.

Upon following the steps above you can easily Turn Aero Peek On or Off in Windows 8 systems.


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