Turn Off or Shut Down Widows 8 using Power Button

Have you ever imagined turning off or shutting down your Windows 8 PC using a one button? Like all other Windows OS, Windows 8 also offers feature to turn off system using the power button itself. In this tutorial we will be discussing about how to turn off and on using Power button.

turn Off on using Power Button Windows 8

Many users out there might be looking for an easier or say simpler way to turn on and off the system. Windows predecessors like Windows XP, 7, etc. all can be turned off using the power button. Moreover, Windows 8 doesn’t allow turning off of the system easily as compared to the earlier Windows OS. Here is the how you can use your Power button to turn on and turn off Windows 8.

Steps to Shut Down Widows 8 using Power Button

  • Firstly open Charms bar using Win + C and go to power options or power settings. Or else you can click on the power icon on the desktop
  • Next, click on more power options link
  • To change the power plan settings, click on “change plan settings”
  • Hit the change advanced power settings link to show all other power options on Windows 8.
  • In the advanced power options box, navigate to “Power button and lid”
  • Here click to open the menu under “power button action”
  • Now set all the action to “Shut down” whether on battery or plugged-in
  • Finally, hit Apply and Save.

That’s all you need to do. You can now use the power button to turn on and off your Windows 8 system. There are many users out there who like to turn on and off the system quickly. With the simple tips here you can use the power option to turn on and turn off your system.

Hopefully, the tips here help you boot and shut down your Windows 8 PC using one button i.e. Power button.


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