The Window experience Index for your system cannot be computed – How to fix?

Window experience Index fails to assess your computer or WEI assessment failed on Windows 8. WEI assessment gives a base score depending upon the system compatibility with the system hardware or software. But on accessing WEI you are prompted by “The Window experience Index for your system cannot be computed”. Today we will be discussing about how to fix this issue on Windows 8.fix wei canot be computed windows-8

Window Experience Index helps you to analyze your system. Higher the base score better is the system reliability. If on running the assessment you find that your system fails compute the WEI, then here are some possible fixes to resolve this problem and get a base score on Windows 8.

wei assesement w8 fix

STEPS to Fix WEI not Working on Windows 8

Undo all the recent activities like uninstall any third party utility recently installed and then run the WEI assessment.

Open task manager using shift + Esc keys and end all programs running or executed before running WEI assessment.

Before running any WEI assessment, make sure you have updated your system drivers to its latest version. Visit manufacturer website to install latest update or drivers. Also flash your BIOS and compute WEI.

Update Video Card and graphics driver to its latest version.

If you have any third party media players installed, uninstall them right away. You can install them again once WEI is computed.

Even after trying the steps described above, you are still unable to compute WEI then your system is lacking multimedia support. To verify, go to C:\WINDOWS\Performance\WinSAT folder and If no multimedia is found then this is culprit preventing the WEI to be computed.

It has been reported that N version of Windows 8 doesn’t include any multimedia support. If you are one of them then you can download them from Microsoft. Download media Feature Pack according to your system make and run WEI properly.

If WEI cannot be computed, then run a hard disk test to diagnose the hard disk health and performance. If the test indicates any fault then HDD is in question and might be the culprit hindering the Windows Experience Index computation.

That’s all. Upon following the tutorial here you can now easily get a base score for your Windows without any prompt like “The Window experience Index for your system cannot be computed”.


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