The Event log is full – How to fix this Issue on Windows 8?

Event Log is full – how to delete event logs on Windows 8? An event log is an important tool on Windows that allows user to look for the events taken place on the system. This also helps in indentifying the culprit or the event causing issues on the system. This way you can sort out who is responsible for different actions or problems on the system. As the time passes by the event viewer gets full and system prompts “The Event Log is full”. Here is the tutorial how you can delete event logs on Windows 8.

fix Event log full windows 8

Event viewer lists all the tracks or logs of recent activities taken on the system. It is useful but useless logs can slow down your system. So, it is better to get rid of unnecessary logs or delete the event logs when you are prompted The Event Log is full. Either you can opt to delete the event logs or increase the event log size on Windows 8.

To delete event logs, follow the steps given below.

  • Open search charm and type in eventvwr.msc. Click on the option to open that appears on the left pane

search event viewer

  • Next, in the left pane of event viewer, click on Saved Logs and select the events to be deleted and hit the delete option under actions tab

event viewer

You can follow the same procedure and clear as many logs you want to and make some space for the new event logs in event viewer.

To increase the event log  space, follow the following procedure

  • Open event viewer and in the left pane right click on System in the left pane and select properties

evntvwr increase log size

  • In the Properties window that opens, you can increase the event log size by increasing the maximum log size.

That’s all. You have now extended the event viewer log space and store more event logs now on Windows 8.

You can delete the event logs all at a time. To do open command prompt with admin privileges using Win + X keys
In the Command Prompt (Admin), type in for /f %x in (‘wevtutil el’) do wevtutil cl “%x”

This will take while and delete the event logs on Windows 8.

Upon following the steps described above you can now delete event logs on Windows or if you wish to increase the event logs space.


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