Temp folder deletion denied on Windows 8 PC – How to fix it?

On attempting to delete temp folders Windows denies the access or you are unable to delete the temp folders. In this tutorial we will be discussing about how to remove or delete temp folders whose deletion is prevented by Windows. Temporary (TEMP) Folders are Windows directory that stores data temporarily. These temp details are automatically removed after certain time interval but due to some system errors they are prevented from Windows and eat up a lot much space on the system HDD. Here is how you can delete or remove the temp folders.Temp folder cannot be deleted Win8

Prompts like Access Denied or these files are currently in use and there deletion is prevented and many more appears when you try to remove or delete the temp folders. Generally, temp folders are located in C:\users\username\appdata\local\temp folder Or else you can directly go in there by using temp (%temp%) command in the RUN and hit enter.


Upon trying to remove the temp folder details or files you are prevented, so here are some ways to delete them and free some space on the system.

Removal of large files from Temp folders

On attempting to delete the Temp folders if for Admin permission then either log in as Admin or take ownership of files and folders, You can take ownership manually or using utility programs like Take OwnershipEx or WinOwnership. You can now delete or remove the temp files.

Remove junk files or obsolete entries or the temp folders using Windows Disk Cleanup utility like Ccleaner. This might remove the temp folders and optimize your PC along with freeing up some space on the hdd.

Utility tool named Unlocker can also be used to delete the temp folders whose removal access is denied or you are prompted that the files are in use and deletion is not possible. Unlocker can prove useful at this situation. It allows removal or deletion of temporary files and folders.


Often it has been noticed that Malware or virus resides on the system and prevents the deletion of files. This can be the reason preventing the deletion of temp files. So, run a full system scan using Windows Defender or Microsoft Security Essential and see if this helps in removing the temp folders on Window 8.

So, if you are unable to delete or remove the temp folders, try the fixes described in this tutorial. Hopefully the fixes might fix issues with removal of temp files and folders on Windows 8.


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