System Restore doesn’t end on Windows 8 – How to fix it?

Are you unable to set Restore point or the system restore doesn’t end? Here is how you can fix the issue on Windows 8. System Restore is a Windows Utility or feature that allows you to return back to set date or to the state where the system operated without much issues. But what if you encounter that your system fails to set restore point or the System restore takes much time to end.

System Restore doesn’t end on Windows8 fix

Restore point helps you retrieving to a state where the Windows worked fine and also major issues on the system. However many users out there recommend creating restore point while making any changes in the system settings, so that if anything wrong goes after the changes, you can retrieve back to state with no errors.

Many users have been complaining that System restore takes much time or simply doesn’t end. In this tutorial you can find a probable way to fix the issue on Windows 8.

Fix Windows 8 System restore

  • Try creating new restore point at a different date and use that instead.
  • Use System File checker to get your issues fixed on Windows. To do so, open command prompt using the power menu or the Win + X menu with admin privileges. In the elevated cmd prompt, type sfc/scannow and hit enter. This will start scanning the system and fixes issues and replaces the corrupted files on the OS that may be responsible to take ages for system restore on Windows 8.
  • You can also try Clean boot. Open system configuration using Windows + R or search charm. In the startup tab disable all the startup programs or uncheck all the non-essential items at startup.


  • Many third party apps might be held responsible for the time in creating system restore point. Disable all unnecessary Apps from starting at the start up.
  • It may be any kind of driver issue, so make sure that all your devices are updated. If you need to the latest drivers, then visit the manufacturer website and download from there.
  • Try Running Anti-virus or Microsoft security essential on Windows to scan for viruses and other malwares.
  • Last resort; try repairing OS using the Windows OS DVD/CD. You can get rid of various issues on the system or the OS. It fixes any corrupt files on the system too.

Upon following the tutorial here, hopefully you are able to fix issues with Windows 8 system restore.


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