Swiping Touchpad switches Screen on Windows 8 – How to resolve it?

Using Laptop with Windows 8 installed might often lead you to issues with screen switching to desktop or metro screen interface or switches the screen on moving your fingers on the touchpad. This feature is useful but often can be irritating. When you are working on something important and using the touchpad jumps or changes the screen to somewhere else. To resolve this touch pad issue we have come up with some possible methods discussed below in the tutorial.

Swiping touchpad switches Screen on Windows 8

Windows 8 introduced many new features like the start screen, hot corners, edge swipes, etc. Often you might notice when you hit the options and the page or screen you are working hides or closes. Try the methods described below to resolve this issue on Windows 8.

  • Firstly try disabling the edge swipes feature for your touchpad. Open Control panel and click on Mouse Icon. In the mouse properties window click on device settings tab. This will open the touchpad properties; here uncheck the link for Edge Swipes and save the settings. Now try using the synaptic touch pad and see if your problem is solved or not.
  • Try the registry hack to disable the edge swipes.
  • Open Window registry editor and navigate to the following location HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ImmersiveShell\

disable hot corners windows 8 registry

  • In the left pane itself i.e. under the ImmersiveShell key create a new key and name it as EdgeUI
  • Next, create a new DWORD value under EdgeUI in the right pane and name it as DisableCharmsHint
  • Now, right click on it and edit the DWORD value to 1
  • Create another DWORD value naming it as DisableTLcorner and set its value to 1. This will disable the Windows 8 feature app switcher hot corner. Save and close the registry editor. This will take effect and touchpad edge swipes will be disabled.
  • If you have installed any third party software like Classic Shell to manage or bring back the start menu then you can make use of the application to disable the touchpad edge swipes. Open the classic shell interface and click on Windows 8 settings and uncheck the options under disable Active Corners.

Hope the methods described in the tutorial help you disable the Edge Swipes and resolve the problem with Touchpad switching to different screens on moving fingers on it on your Windows 8 Laptop.


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